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Memphremagog Ice Skating Festival


March 2-3, 2019 – Fifth Annual Memphremagog Ice Skating FestivalIce and Weather Permitting  1, 5, 21, and 42 km races on a 700 meter oval.

The Festival is underwritten by Eden Ice Cider, NEK Tasting Center, and The Ciderhouse Bar and Grill and hosted by Kingdom Games, The Eastside Restaurant & Pub, and Newport City Inn & Suites with the friendship and support of Marathon Skating International and The Memphremagog Ice Skating Club.

Join us by registering on line but don’t pay until the day of each event.  $45 for each day.

The 1 and 5 km races on Saturday morning are free and open to the public.    The charge will be $45 for each day’s activity, i.e, the 21 km race on Saturday and the 42 km race on Sunday.  Please note, we are continuing our acceptance of Canadian Dollars at par with US Dollars.


The races will be held on a 700 m to 1 km skating track on Lake Memphremagog.   We invite and encourage ice skaters to join the Memphremagog Ice Skating Club to support our efforts to build the skating track and trails not only for this Festival but also to keep the track and trails open to the public throughout the winter.  Basic Membership is $25.  Sustaining Membership is $125 (which also covers all two days of the festival).


Schedule of Events

Saturday, March 2, 2019
11:00 am    1 km race
11:20 am     5 km race
noon:          21 km race
6:30 pm       Seafood Buffet
Sunday, March 3. 2019
10:00 am     42 km race


Hosted by Kingdom Games in collaboration with Marathon Skating  International, The Memphremagog Ice Skating Club, The Eastside Restaurant, and Newport Inn & Suites


The Memphremagog Ice Skating Club was formed in 2015 under the umbrella of Kingdom Games with a mission to support the creation, maintenance, and use of of an ice skating venue on Lake Memphremagog.  The goal: to support speedskating and Nordic Skating events along with informal recreational skating of all kinds on a 750 meter skating oval.  When ice and weather conditions permit, we will also be attempting to construct and maintain Nordic skating trails in Newport and Derby Bays up to the Canadian border and beyond.

Our goal is to continue to build the numbers of committed supporters and users and assure the financial sustainability of this venue for speedskating, non competitive Nordic skating events, and recreational use of the oval for a couple of months during the winter.

We are offering two classes of membership.  A $25 membership supports work on the oval and assures that the general public has access to the oval, except when used for a specific event.  $125 sustaining membership supports the mission but also allows entry into any and all speedskating and Nordic skating events we may offer in 2018.

To join the Memphremagog Ice Skating Club either as a Member or Sustaining Member  or to register for our marathon skating event or The Great Skate please use our Omnibus Registration Form and make payment through our paypal button or by sending a check to Kingdom Games, PO Box 310, Newport, VT 05855.

For more info, photos of our events, and a daily report on ice conditions on the oval (during the winter), check out our Facebook Page, Memphremagog Ice Skating Club.

Thank you to the following people who have agreed to serve on our Advisory Committee:

  • Tracy Sherbrook of Kirby, VT, USA
  • Rosie Chong, Waterloo, ON, Canada
  • Tom Keane, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Catherine Kwiecien, Waterloo, ON, Canada
  • Pam Ladds, Newport, VT, USA
  • Neal Hundt, Katonah, NY, USA
  • John Ambrose, Mallorytown, ON, Canada

15 thoughts on “Memphremagog Ice Skating Festival”

  1. Little Gnesta B&B and Newport City Inn and Suites are both right in Newport. For others, please check out our Lodging Page on this website.

  2. Thanks for your inquiry, Carol

    We will be deciding that on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on conditions.

    We will be announcing on our Facebook page, Memphremagog Ice Skating Club and on this page.

    Phil White, Director
    Kingdom Games

  3. Excellent ice.
    I have been on the lake daily Eastside to Scott’s Bluff, where a very significant pressure ridge daunts this skater so far. (Slight water flowing on surface Sunday PM at eastern edge.) I am looking forward to the international skate, but wonder how the ice berm tempers your optimism.
    The early (and cancelled) Marathon announcement puts skating make-up events on both Saturday and Sunday, with no mention of when the international event might take place. (How will the Pied Piper of Icy Games be in all places at once?)
    This wanna-be would welcome an updated and official schedule.

  4. Hi Scott,

    I’m going out to check the path North today and will be making a call on the weekend schedule this evening. Stay tuned.

  5. Hi All,
    i’m in Morrisville and looking for a good place to get some old speed skates sharpened. would you have any suggestions?
    thank you

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