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10 Mile Expedition – Friday, July 28, 2017  Start time 1:00 pm at Prouty Beach.  A ten mile flatwater “expedition” (non-race) on Lake Memphremagog, starting at Prouty Beach in Newport, Vermont then heading out of the bay toward the Canadian Border, around Black, Cove, and Bell Islands and back to Prouty Beach.

We’ve set the buoys for Saturday’s Kingdom Swim.  It’s a great opportunity for kayakers involved in the next day’s swim to get a true feel for the tricky currents of the course and learn the landmarks that can help with sighting.  Then again, it’s also a beautiful excursion for those who love to kayak and have nothing to do with Kingdom Swim the next day,

Registration Fee: $10  donation to Memphremagog Watershed Association.


Escort Kayaking – At Kingdom Swim, July 29th, 2017 and at our many other swims throughout the summer.  Over the years, we’ve gathered a great cadre of volunteer, escort kayakers.  But we are always looking for more good kayakers to support swimmers.   If you are interested in learning more, click here.  To register as a volunteer click here.  For a wonderful description by Tasha Wallis of what it’s like to support a swimmer at Kingdom Swim click here.

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