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Kingdom Triathlon

We cancelled our triathlons in 2016 because of too little interest.  And we have not yet posted any triathlons for 2017. 

The numbers signing up for our triathlons have dropped each year over the past several years and our existing offerings require significant volunteer and staff support. Hence this call for help.

 I firmly believe that we have several venues that offer terrific opportunities for triathletes and, I’m focusing on Lake Seymour as the most flexible locale.  Lake Seymour is pristine.  We have access to some great paved roads with minimal traffic that are perfect for the cycling leg.  We have plenty of dirt roads for the run, all easily accessible to a single transition area in the parking lot across the road from the beach.  We could do everything from a sprint to a full iron level triathlon (I actually measured one out).  We can offer traditional distances as well as even up races.

I’m looking for several triathlon and multi-sport clubs and individuals to help design an offering and to help us build back a strong, fun triathlon that takes full advantage of what the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont as to offer.

If you have any thoughts or want to participate in a Kingdom Triathlon organizing committee, please let me know. 

Shoot me an e-mail at


5 thoughts on “Kingdom Triathlon”

  1. I am from Texas coming to the area on business. Would love to race the tri but would need to borrow/rent a bike. Is that possible?

    What time does the tri start? Is there a race hotel that is recommended?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    Mike Carter 512-633-3671

  2. Which triathlon are you considering, Willoughby Tri on July 23rd or Kingdom Triathlon on August 6?

  3. Too little interest. We will be contacting triathlon and multi sport clubs to assess interest before scheduling anything in 2017. We’ve got some great venues and many options to consider. We hope that there is sufficient interest to revive this very fun part of the games.

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