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Winter Swim Registration

Using this form you can register for the Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival.  Please specify all swims you want to do  Fee is $185 for any one swim and $30 for each additional swim thereafter up to a maximum of $335.  



  • Please indicate choice of S, M, L, XL, XXL or XXXL

32 thoughts on “Winter Swim Registration”

  1. How is the ice? Is the Great Skate still on? I read about Phil going through the ice a week or so ago….

  2. Hi Ellen,

    Conditions are looking like we may be able to do a modified, Little Great Skate in the southern 8 miles of the lake. Stay tuned.

  3. Do you need a kayak for the 3 mile swim on Jul 30?
    I have some friends interested in swimming in the 3 mile race and didn’t know if they needed a kayak and kayaker

  4. What do you require for qualifying experience? I would like to do the 6 mile swim at the Games. I have regularly swam 3-4 miles at a time in the summers in the past but have never done an official swim of this distance. I am confident with preparation I can do the 6 miles.


  5. You would be deemed qualified already. We don’t require that your qualifying distances be part of a formal event. We do want you to have experience with nutrition and hydration at this longer distance.

  6. Hi Phil. My friend Paul Epstein and I are thrilled to participate in the 10 mile swim event in July. As close friends, we have enjoyed a special bond through sharing the joys of long distance open water swims together for years. We had a tremendous experience at the Lake George 10k Nationals in 2014, and are very much looking forward to sharing again this wonderful memory to come with our families’ support on kayaks. Cheers.

  7. The check is in the mail for the 10 mile swim + kayaker. I see my good friend Ed Riley is in for the championship event… we really ought to have a LOT of fun !! I will look forward to seeing my name and Patrick’s in the roster. Thanks Phil.

  8. My good friend Herve Hamon and I have been encouraging each other and participating together in open water swims for many years and we both look forward to doing the Kingdom 10 mile swim this summer. We did two 10Ks together earlier – the USMS 10K Nationals in Huntington Bay in 2007 and in Lake George in 2014. Although we haven’t done 10 miles before, we look forward to this challenge. Another friend, Jeff Stuart, who I have swam with over the past 20 years, won this in 2014 and highly recommended the swim. Two other CT swimmers I have swam with, Greg Kohut and Rob Duguay, both excellent swimmers, are also registered. And I see that another fellow Columbia alumnus, Ned Denison, who, according to Outside Magazine runs the toughest open water swim clinic in the world in Cork Ireland http://www.outsideonline.com/1916336/dangerous-when-wet-learning-survive-open-water-swimming, will be there for the Border Buster. So it should be a blast.

  9. i just completed the 4.4 mile Chesapeake Bay swim yesterday on June 12 th in 2:39:59. bib #114
    my garmin says that i swam10400 meters
    which is more like 6 miles. it was rough waters and high winds.
    i would like to do the 10 or 15 mile swim can i qualify?

  10. Hey Phil! I would like to register for the Freedom Run. Have submitted registration but haven’t received a confirmation. Just want to be sure I’m in. Thank you

  11. Thank you so much. It is a beautiful run. I think I will owe 10$ more as for some reason I wrote check for wrong amnt!

  12. Is there still room to swim the 15 miler at Lake Memphremagog? Is there any other information regarding this event?

  13. There are just 3 slots left. There is a chart of the course on the Kingdom Swim web page We gather at 5 am and swim at 5:30/ You must have completed a 10 mile non-current assisted open water swim within the past three years or sometime prior to July 1, 2017. – Phil

  14. I am pretty sure I just registered for:
    August 17, 2017 – Lake Memphremagog – Clubhous Border Slash Swim.

    I left a note in one of the untitled fields that I’d like to rent a kayak, but didn’t see anywhere to pay for that.

    And, I’m curious about the water temps…. what range do they tend to fall into?

  15. We do have kayak rentals available. Water temps in August on Lake Memphremagog typically are anywhere from 70 to 75.

  16. Why does the payment for Moose Long Course (103) indicate $0.00? Also, I’d like to pay by credit card, not through PayPal. The site leads me to PayPal with a balance of $0.00 due. I can likely get several others from the Green Mountain Bicycle Club (GMBC) to participate since, as Vice President, I organize the Saturday rides. Therefore I need to be sure registration is simple.

  17. This is annoying. I am trying to pay with credit or debit card (I have tried both) – but get rejected. Indicating $0 due. I know my cards are okay.

  18. Hi John,

    Sorry you are encountering difficulty paying. When you get to the point where you see 0.00, you should enter the amount of the fee. Then paypal will accept a credit or debit card. You can use the following paypal link without having to re-register. https://www.paypal.me/kingdomgames

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