Running Fees

Rates for all of our 2017 runs:

Kingdom Marathon, Dandelion Run, Freedom Run, Halloween Hustle, and Newport Santa Run

Long Courses (10 miles to 26.2 miles):

Adults: $50

Students 23 years old or younger $35

Youth 18 years old or younger $20

Short Courses (10 K or less)

Adults: $35

Students 23 years old or younger $25

Youth 18 years old or younger $15

4 Mile Walk at the Dandy and 6 Mile Walk at Fly to Pie:

Adults: $25

Students 23 years old or younger: $15

Youth 18 years old or younge:r $10

1 Mile Fun Runs (Dandy, Freedom, Halloween, and Santa): $5

All prices increase by 10% 3 weeks from the event, and by 50% on the day of the event.

15 comments on Running Fees

  1. Once we complete the omnibus registration are we guaranteed a spot? How do I know if the Dandelion Half Marathon is full? How do I know when to pay?

  2. I just registered for the Dandelion 10k and for some reason I lost the link to pay with Paypal. Anyway I could get that link again? Or do I have to now send a check? If so can I get the address again? Thank you

  3. Hi,

    So now that it’s after May 1, what are the chances that there will be extra t-shirts? Also, is it correct that lunch isn’t an option for those registering after May 1?

    Thanks very much.

  4. Hi Phil,

    What are the fees for the 4 mile run? If we’ve registered can we pay for things on race day without the price bump? I’m afraid I’m a little confused.

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