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Son of a Swim

June 27. 2020 

2, 4, 6.5, and 10 Miles

To and Around the Islands of Derby Bay

Bell, Black, Cove, and Province

We swim from The Clubhous, 249 Sunset Acres, Newport, VT 05855 to and around the islands in Derby Bay.  Might have to change the name of the swim to Lost in the Islands,

We gather at the Clubhous around 8 am and start swimming at 9 am.

Here are the routes, linked to charts, we swim generally clockwise

2 Miles – to Bell and Back

4 Miles – around Bell, Black, Cove, around Bell and back

6.5 Miles – around Bell, Province, Cove and back

10 Miles – Around Bell, Province, Cove, back around Bell and Black (double loop)  and back

6.5 and 10 mile options cross the boarder.  You’ll need a passport or an enhanced drivers license.

Water temperatures in Derby Bay generally run between 65 and 70 F this time of year.

Back at The Clubhous, pot luck BBQ and steamed corn.  Just a great way to kick off the summer of open water swimming in the Kingdom.

Fees: $125 for the 2 and 4 mile option.  $200 for the 6 and 10 mile options.

Special Thanks to Cap’n Peggy Barber-Hollander, Sybille Anderson, Charlotte Brynn, and Cynthia Needham for their work finding and plotting these courses.