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The Stick, The Rocks, The Winged Sneaker

Team Challenge On our August 5th triathlon, we offer special prizes for that team of four individual participants in the Aquaman, Ollie, and Sprint with the fastest cumulative time:  The Stick, The Rocks, and The Winged Sneaker.

The Legend of the Stick

The Legend of the Stick The Stick is a driftwood log that has been weathered by wind, water, waves, and sun.  Its source is unknown.  It was carried to land by the waters of Lake Memphremagog where it spent a full four seasons at The Clubhous Beach.  There it dried and hardened to its present condition. The Stick is a team prize awarded in Kingdom Triathlon’s Aquaman Even Up Tri to that team of individual participants with the best cumulative time.  Specific rules of the challenge are decided by the defenders on Friday evening before the race.  There is no limit to the size of each team, except that there must be at least four individual participants.  Teams are created by the declaration of the Team members themselves which must be made any time on or before the Crazy Nuts Pasta Dinner on Friday before the race.  Teams may consist of individuals who are already members of teams or clubs.  Or they may be individuals who choose to form a team specifically for the purpose of contending for The Stick. In 2010 the Boston Triathlon Team won The Stick during the inaugural running of the Aquaman Even Up Tri.  The Stick made the circuit of the Boston club scene.  In 2011, the Boston Triathlon Team “Put The Stick in Play.”  Three teams competed for The Stick with the Quebec Nordiques taking the prize.  Within a week, they were fined a bottle of Maple Whiskey for Excessive Celebration.  The Stick is returned each year.  We look forward to a great Team Challenge.

Awarding of the Stick       The Stick at Cuffs
Doing the Limbo – Of course  Quebec Nordiques – 2011

Excessive Celebration!!




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