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Virtual Winter Swim February 20 through 27, 2021


  • Chose your day during this period 2/20 to 2/27, 2021
  • Choose your own venue.   Ice.  Snow.  Sand.  Barren Field.
  • Choose your pod or if you go it alone, stay in shallow water and bring an observer.
  • Wear your bathing suit, even if you have no open water.
  • If in pods, where masks and remain socially distanced
  • Hat Competition – Pick your venue, display your hat, post a picture.
  • Ribbon Ceremony to honor those with Cancer who have died, who are in the battle, and who have survived and those facing huge challenges in The Age of Covid.
  • $35 entry fee. We will mail you a ribbon, a Virtual MWSF swim cap, an MWSF patch, and a MWSF bumper sticker.  The remainder, after covering costs, will be donated to The Halo Foundation.  (If you want more than one ribbon we will send you an extra one for each additional $5 donation.)
  • Zoom Jammie and Vodka Shooter Party on Saturday, February 27th, 2021, with selection of best hats and jammies. Special Prizes will be mailed to the winners.

Virtual Winter Swim 2021