Kingdom Triathlon

More Days – More options

Our Kingdom Triathlon series continues to grow.  Challenging for the highest level of triathletes.  But, fun and accessible to all ages and all abilities.  Run on a variety of terrains making use of some of the most pristine waters in North America.  Our Willy Youth Tri and the Echo Lake Road Race & Swim are youth friendly and great for families.  Our Aquaman will challenge the very strongest of triathletes.  Our Willoughby Tri is looking to be a classic.  Here’s the line up:

Willoughby TriJuly 23, 2016 – Westmore, VT – CANCELLED FOR 2016

13 mile bike on logging roads on Bartlett Mountain followed by a 1.2 mile swim from South Beach to Devil’s Rock and back and then a 2.6 mile trail run up to a finish on the top of Mount Pisgah.  Will we be able to offer fresh, steamed corn at the Top?  Won’t know till you get there.

Willy Youth Tri –  July 23, 2016 – Westmore, VT – CANCELLED FOR 2016

This youth triathlon is run on the afternoon of the Willoughby Tri (which is run in the morning)  It is a 100 yard swim in shallow water, a 3 mile bike ending at the Mount Pisgah trailhead, and a 1 mile trail run up to a finish at Pulpit Rock.  Parents are welcome to do this with their kids.

Aquaman Even-Up – Ollie Even-Up – Sprint – August 6, 2016 – Derby and Morgan, VT – THIS EVENT IS CANCELLED FOR 2016

The distances say it all with the Aquaman.  A 13.1 mile run (standard half iron distance) a 34 mile bike and a 3.5 mile swim.  Designed so that strong athletes would spend about 1.5 hours on each leg.  The Ollie is also an even up: 1.75 mile swim, 15 mile bike, and 10 K run.  If you are a triathlete who is also a strong swimmer, this is the race for you.  And then there’s The Sprint, a longstanding favorite.  500 yard swim, 13 mile bike, and 5 mile run.  Brings out the jack rabbit in the best of us.


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  1. I am from Texas coming to the area on business. Would love to race the tri but would need to borrow/rent a bike. Is that possible?

    What time does the tri start? Is there a race hotel that is recommended?

    Sorry for all the questions!

    Mike Carter 512-633-3671

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