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Run, Swim, Bike the Kingdom

Discover the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont
A world class venue of outdoor recreational athletic events & activities

Kingdom Games offers over 50 days of running, biking, open water swimming, and winter swimming in the heart of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont from January through December. Challenging for the very best endurance athletes, with options accessible to all levels of ability and all ages.

Our premier events have received critical acclaim from the Daily News of Open Water Swimming, Vermont Sports Magazine, Yankee Magazine, Boston Globe, Atlantic, Seven Days, WCAX, and Open Water Pedia – and, most importantly from our many athletes and volunteers who return year after year.

Please note: All fees are non-refundable

Policy of Welcome and Inclusion

2024 NEKOWSA Online Registration is now OPEN

Swim The Kingdom

Run The Kingdom

Bike The Kingdom

Annual Events

Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival

February 22-26, 2024

In Search of Memphre

Summer-Long 2024

Dandelion Run

May 18, 2024

The Moose

June 8-9, 2024

Harry Corrow Freedom Run

July 4, 2024

Kingdom Swim

July 27, 2024

NEK Swim Week & More

August 3-11, 2024

Fly to Pie Kingdom Marathon

October 7, 2023

October 5, 2024

Vampire Swim

October 28, 2023

October 26, 2024

Want to help out at one of our events? We love Volunteers!

All of our net profits are donated to local charities.

Learn more about our charitable donations.

Check out all the fun we’re having!

Other Resources:

Learn More About Newport, Vermont
Upper Kingdom Event Calendar – all outdoor recreational athletic events, activities & resources
Submit An Event for the Event Calendar
Directions to Newport, Vermont

All fees paid are non-refundable.  We do allow participants to transfer their fees to another event in the same year or to apply 50% to an event in the following year, providing that the election is made more than 30 days prior to the event.

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24 thoughts on “Welcome to Kingdom Games”

  1. I signed up for this summer’s Kingdom swim, the non championship 10 mile. I am not sure that it went through, as I received no notification. I would like to pay, but this seems independent of my application. Should I go ahead with paying to Kingdom Games, through PayPal?

    G. Gomez

  2. Hi Gregory, I just saw this. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This came in just as we were preparing for the Winter Swim. We do have your registration information. It looks like you are in need of a kayaker. The fee for the swim is $150 and another $150 for a kayaker. You can make payment without going through the registration process again at the following link We will be sending out a formal Welcome when we receive payment. If you have made payment, just let me know. – Phil

  3. hi i inquired about qualifyying for the 10 mile swim with my June 12 Great Chesapeake Bay Swim . it was a 4.4 mile swim however with the tides my Garmin says I swam 10400 meters. my time was i swam 6 miles in 2:39:59.
    please email response thanks

  4. Hi!

    I am wanting to do the 10 mile. I will need a kayak but not a kayaker. Do I need to pay the $65 fee with the $150?


  5. It’s easier for me if you pay it all at once. But, if you want to wait to pay for the kayak, it’s ok.

  6. Hi! I was wondering if we are renting a kayak does it come with PFDs? We are flying from out of state and wont have a chance to get some.


  7. Great to have you join us, Elaine. You can send a check payable to Kingdom Games, PO Box 310, Newport, VT 05855. Thanks. Phil White, Director

  8. Mary Ellen Maclure

    Jeff Maclure signed up for the dandelion run but I lost the site before I could go to the payment part.

  9. Phil, I’m interested in doing the Caspian Sea 3 mile swim next Sunday 8/19/18. I generally make my decision a day or two before so I can check the weather. Am I able to sign up the morning of the race? I don’t have a yakker. Will I be able to obtain one the morning of the event? Spencer

  10. Thanks for asking, Spencer. Registration is closed and we don’t accept walk on registrations.

    Hope to see you next year.


  11. Charlie van der Horst

    Hi, I am thinking of registering for one of the longer swims for 2019. Can you tell me if I need to provide my own kayaker or do you have names of folks up there that I could hire. Also, what is the usual water temperature at that time of year. Thanks

  12. Hi Charlie,

    We strongly encourage you to bring your own yakker. If you want us to supply one, we charge extra and then recruit one for you. It’s on a first come, first served basis and while the supply lasts. So the sooner you make the request, the more likely we can find someone for you.

    Any questions, just holler,

    Phil White, Director

  13. Hi, I’m interested in doing a Fall foliage bike tour. Would the “Ride to Pie” be it? I’m coming all the way from New Mexico, so I’m especially interested in taking advantage of the fall colors along with all the great finds and places. Thanks!

  14. I tried to register for the 1-mi swim but the link too pay wasn’t working. It wanted to charge me $0.00 and I couldn’t change that to $75 for entry fee. Also, my husband would like to volunteer to be an onshore watcher.

  15. We have your registration. I will send you an e-mail with a link that should work for you or a mailing address for a check.

  16. Charlotte,

    We offer a Season Pass for $250. And we have a fee structure based on distance on a per day basis.


  17. Hello Phil,
    Is skating in the Newport Bay happening now? If not, when or where else is there ice-skating?

  18. Kingdom Games is not doing ice skating by the EastSide anymore. You might want to check out Newport Recreation about ice skating in Gardner Park and on the bay there.

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