Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival

February 23, 24, and 25, 2018 

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“We felt welcomed, celebrated, and safe.” – Louise Hyder-Darlington, first time winter swimmer from Elizabethtown, PA

“Best weekend of my life” – MJ Staples, first time winter swimmer from Clarksville, GA


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    • 25 Meter Breast Stroke and Hat Competition
    • 25 Meter Freestyle
    • 25 Meter Butterfly
    • 50 Meter Freestyle
    • 100 Meter Freestyle
    • 200 Meter Freestyle
    • 200 Meter Four Person Relay
Fees: $150 minimum.  $25 for each additional event up to $225 maximum for the weekend.  Fee’s include Saturday’s Seafood Buffet and Award Ceremony at The Eastside Restaurant and more.



Schedule of Events 2018

Friday, February 23rd 

10:00 am to 4:00 pm – Install Platforms, hoist flags             

4:00 pm Warm Up at Jasper’s

6:00 pm Rolling Welcome Dinner at the Tasting Center

Saturday, February 24th

8:00 am  Sign In Opens

9:00 am Safety Meeting

10:00 am 25 meter Breast Stroke and Best in Hat Competition

11:00 am 25 meter Freestyle

noon      50 meter Freestyle 

1:00 pm Lunch

1:45 pm  100 meter Freestyle

3:00 pm 25 meter Breast Stroke

4:00 pm Jammy ad Barr Hill Vodka Shooter Party

6:00 pm  Seafood-Buffet at The EastSide and Day One Award Ceremony – Covered by Registration Fee

Sunday, February 25th:

8:00 am Sign in opens

9:00 am Safety Meeting

10:00 am 200 Meter Freestyle

11:00 am 25 Meter Butterfly

12:30 pm 200 Meter Relays

1:00 pm Lunch and Final Award ceremony.


Qualifications:  All swimmers in the 25 meter and 50 meter events must have swum at least 25 meters in water with a temperature of 41 F or less.   All swimmers in the 100 meter event must have swum 50 meters in water with a temperature of 41 F or less.  All 200 meter swimmers must have completed 100 meters in water with a temperature of 41 F or less.

About the 2016 Winter Swim Festival

The times are posted HERE.  For some articles about the event and several of the participants in the Daily News of Open Water Swimming:

The Festival

Martha Wood

Kellie Joyce Latimer

Barnabus Zeng

For updates, coverage, photos, and videos, please “like” our Facebook Page, Memphremagog Winter Swimming Society.


Check out the YouTube Videoss of previous Festivals

Got my Stroll On


     Check out the YouTube Video of our first year here:


Get off your pants and JUST DANCE

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In previous years, water temperatures were 30 to 31Degrees Fahrenheit and air temperatures ranged from 0 Degrees to 25 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Results of the 2015 swim, which hosted the inaugural US Winter Swimming Championships are posted HERE

The swim is hosted by The Memphremagog Winter Swimming Society, a volunteer group of feisty winter swimmers operating in collaboration with and under the umbrella of Kingdom Games.  The mission of the Society is to assure that winter swimming continues on Lake Memphremagog for years to come and establish friendships with other winter swimmers around North America and around the world.

Space will be limited.

Thanks to those serving on the Society’s Organizing Committee to help plan and host our Annual Memphremagog Swim Festival.  It includes:

  • Janet Kylander Manning, Frederick, MD
  • Charlotte Brynn, Stowe, VT
  • Greg O’Connor, Natick, MA
  • Rena Marie Demeo, Boston, MA
  • Talbott Crowell, Lexington, MA
  • Kellie Latimer, Franklin, MA

Please check out and “like” our Facebook page, Memphremagog Winter Swimming Society.

MWSS Kogo (2016)


5 comments on Memphremagog Winter Swimming Festival

    1. We’d love to have you join us. There is no age limit. Last year we had a 76 year old man swim the 25 m butterfly. However, you must qualify by swimming 25 meters in water below 5 C sometime prior to our swim. If you can’t arrange to swim any kind of distance, you can spend a minute in water below 5 C. Again, you can sign up and qualify anytime before our event. Any questions please e-mail Phil White at

  1. I am 56 years old, and I would like to do the 25 m freestyle is there an age limit?

    I have been surfing in very cold winter with only a famer john thin wet suit for 20-30 minutes often. So I think I can stand this cold water for at least a 25 meter swim. I don’t look like an athlete at all but I like doing endurance stuff ( did an Ironman,a couple of half Ironman an a ultra 66 km running..) It would be great for me to be part of this winter swim.

    Very kind regards,


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