Small Group Saturday Clubhous Swim Series

Saturdays: July 4, 11, 18, 25, August 1, 22, and 29, 2020
On Lake Memphremagog
2, 3, 4, 6.5, and 10 Miles

To and Around the Islands of Derby Bay
Bell, Black, Cove, and Province

9 am Start

From The Clubhous, 649 Sunset Acres, Newport, VT 05855

Fees:  $50 for 2, 3, and 4 mile distances

$100 for 6.5 and 10 mile distances


All Swimmers must be escorted by a kayaker

Maximum of 10 swimmers and 10 kayakers on any given Saturday

All Small Group Clubhous Swims will be conducted in a socially distanced manner in conformity with Vermont’s Mandatory Health & Safety Requirements for all Business, Non-Profit & Government Operations, in particular the section on Cross State Travel and Section 4.2 on recreational athletic events.

Please check Vermont’s map of designated counties in New York and New England that do NOT require self quarantine before travelling to Vermont for a recreational athletic event.



2 Miles – to Bell and Back

3.3 Miles – Around Bell, Black, Cove and back

4 Miles – around Bell, Black, Cove, around Bell and back
6.5 Miles – around Bell, Province, Cove and back
10 Miles – Around Bell, Province, Cove, back around Bell and Black (double loop) and back
Please Note: The 6.5 and 10 mile options cross the boarder. You’ll need a passport or an enhanced drivers license.  If the border remains closed we will set up alternate routes for those distances
Water temperatures in Derby Bay generally run between 65 and 75 F this time of year.

Special Thanks to Cap’n Peggy Barber-Hollander, Sybille Anderson, Charlotte Brynn, Cynthia Needham and Team Rivard for their work finding and plotting these courses.


  • We will be limiting participation to 10 swimmers and 10 kayakers, who are Vermonters or out of staters coming from designated counties in New York and New England with Covid 19 rates equal to or less than Vermont’s or who have self quarantined for 14 days.

  • All swims will be non-competitive recreational swims held for the simple joy of open water swimming. There will be no awards or official times provided and no swag.

  • There will be no spectators

  • We will handle all paperwork (releases and safety instructions) by internet before the swim.

  • Participants will be required to wear cloth masks and be socially distanced prior to and after the swim.

  • Participants will be started at 2 minute intervals. (i.e. no mass starts)

  • Participants will be instructed to leave the beach following their swim and NOT congregate.

  • We will not be serving any food before or after the swim.

  • We will be providing a “poop bucket” with individual garbage bag liners. Participants who need to use it will be told to remove their garbage bag and take it with them.

  • Our patrol boats will each tow a tube so that any swimmer who needs to exit the water can do so without direct contact with the boat pilot or spotter unless an extreme circumstance requires such contact.