The Moose



Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Mike’s Tiki Bar – 44 Belden Hill Road, East Burke, Vermont  05832

8:30 am Start and Finish with Hands on the Bar
103 Miles of Wide Open Road

Unsanctioned, Timed Event

Burke Ski Passes, Kingdom Trails Day Passes, Kingdom Games Event Passes
Brault’s Beef Jerky, Couture’s Maple Syrup, Woodals & Bragging Rights

Hosted by Kingdom Games

with a little help from our friends

We gather at Mike’s Tiki Bar at 8 am with a start at 8:30  am.  We head north up Route 114 through Island Pond to Norton and Canaan and then down one of the most beautiful and serene stretches of the Connecticut River before returning to Island Pond and then back to East Burke.
We’ve been waiting for years for these roads to be repaved and now that they are this course offers miles and miles of wide open, smooth riding, on some of the most “car hungry” roads in Vermont.  This is not a sanctioned race.  As a “timed event” you must stop at all stop signs and obey traffic lights.  But, hey, there are only three stop signs in the entire 103 miles of riding.  As for traffic lights – nadda, niente.  And yes, you must yield to oncoming traffic at your left hand turns.  But what’s this, there are only two of them in all 103 miles.
Here’s a link to Saturday’s Century Course Map.  For those looking to ride a shorter distance, we start at Island Pond at 9:30 am and just do the Norton, Canaan, Bloomfield loop.
Totally cool beans to have the support and friendship of the East Burke Tribe.  Burke Mountain got us started with this event.  Kingdom Trails has been a supportive friend since the get go.  And Mike’s Tiki Bar and Burrito Wagon is one fine adventure in and of itself, with 30 beer on tap.  Jeff Manning and The Village Bike Shop in Derby has been supporting our rides for over a decade.


Pre-race dinner at the Publick House on Friday night and post-race Dinner at The View Pub at the Burke Mountain Hotel.  It’s part of our three day June Tour Add on a couple of more days with a Ride Around Lake Memphremagog on Friday and a day in our Legendary Lake Region and make it a long weekend,


We accept Canadian Dollars at Par with US Dollars

  • Prior to January 1, 2019: $45
  • January 1 to May 9, 2019: $65
  • May 10 to June 7, 2019: $75
  • Walk on Registration: $100
  • Team of 5 for the price of 4

While you’re here, check out our other two days of guided rides on Friday and Sunday.  June Tour