Willoughby 2019 USMS National Championships

Willoughby  Sprint (1 Mile) and Long Distance (5 Mile)

USMS National Championships

August 16 and 17, 2019

Westmore, Vermont


Registration for these USMS National Championships is NOT open at this time.


Registration closes on August 1, 2019 or when the cap is reached

Friday, August 16, 2019  – 1:00 PM – USMS Sprint (1-Mile) National Championship.  South Beach on Lake Willoughby.

  • Fee: $75
  • Qualifying:  Swimmers must have completed a 1 mile swim sometime before August 1, 2019 and within the past three years,  It need not be an event, but it must be open water.
  • One to two waves
  • Award Ceremony and Lunch of Soup, Sandwiches and Steamed Corn
  • Kayaker escort not permitted.  But, sign up a friend to help out watching generally and we will offer him or her free lunch and a $10 stipend.  For the first twenty.

Saturday, August 17, 2019 – Tenth Annual Willoughby Swim – Venue for the 2019 Long Distance (5 Mile} USMS National Championship – A no-nonsense, 5-mile swim on one of the most majestic and pristine, glacially carved lakes in the Americas.

We gather at 8 am at North Beach on Willoughby Lake Road (Route 16) in the Town of Westmore.   We determine the most likely wind direction during the swim. We try to swim with the wind and leave from North or South beach at 9 am.

  • Fee: $200. Cap 100 swimmers. (Note: we have raised the fee to cover the cost of attracting motor boats, pilots and spotters to cover the increased numbers expected for this event at the rate of one motor boat for every 10 swimmers.)
  • Qualifying: You must have completed at least a 3 mile open water swim sometime before August 1st and within the past three years.  It can be an informal swim but must be open water and not current assisted.
  • Escort kayakers required for all swimmers.  We can provide kayakers for a fee of $100 on a first come first served basis, while supplies last.
  • Kayak rentals are available for $65 for the day.
  • Noon – Award Ceremony, Pig Roast, the Fixin’s, and MORE STEAMED CORN.  South Beach.
  • Shuttle Service available between North and South Beach

Registration for these Willoughby  2019 USMS National Championships is not yet open at this time.  STAY TUNED.