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Dandy Maps

The Half Marathon:  This map shows the half marathon route and the location of relay stations and water tables. Runner stations will be stocked with water, Gatorade AND Musicians.  Water stations will have water only available.  This year we will NOT be supporting relay teams.

The 10K Route: This map shows the 10K route which follows the half marathon course up to the turn around.  At mile 2, 10K runners bear left up the Hayward Hollow Road to a turn around at the flagpole.  When they return to the relay station they bear hard left down Dumas Road to a 10K Turnaround.  They return past the relay station (for a third time) and run back to the Derby Beach House.  Mile 2, 3, and 4  are all located approximately at the Hayward Hollow Relay Station.  Gives you three passes listening to Reckless Breakfast.

The Four Mile Route: From the Beach House we head out onto the coned off section of Route 111 and down Dumas Road to the corner of Hayward Hollow Road, and then turn around.  There are three music stations and some wonderful dandelion fields.  We added this running and walking distance last year and received a great response.

The Two Mile and One Mile Routes:  The turn around for the 1 mile run/walk is at the Music Station on Route 111.  For the 2 mile run/walk, the turn around is at the music station on the corner of Route 111 and Dumas Road.

Youth and More:  We are not doing relays this year.  We are all starting together.  We run and walk 1, 2, 4, 6.2, and 13.1 miles.