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Good Shit Swims

As I get older, the world seems simpler.  To my way of thinking there are good shits and then there is everybody else.  Good shits aren’t perfect.  But if they say they have your back, they have your back.  If they don’t, they’ll tell you to your face.  They know how to lean back, cocked, and howl at the moon.

Here’s my list of Good Shit Swims.  They and their directors have been friends of Kingdom Swim and our growing offerings of other NEKOWSA swims.  Some have been with us since The Getgo in 2009.    These Good Shit Swims are high spirited and challenging adventures.  Fun and the stuff of legends.  With swimming communities participating in them comprised of good shits as well.

Cork Distance Week – Ned Denison

Boston Light – Greg O’Connor and Elaine Kornbau Howley

SCAR – Kent Nicholas

Eight Bridges – David Barra and Rondi Davies

Swim the Suck – Karah Nazor

Swim Camp Catalina and Mexico – Scott Zornig

Swim Across the Sound – Liz Fry

SwimVacation – Hopper McDonough and Heather Perry

24 Hour Relay – Suzie Dods

For many, Kingdom Swim and our other NEKOWSA swims have served as ladders into a broader world of marathon open water swimming.  Some have even become part of that broader world.  We love being part of that journey and are thrilled to watch our Kingdom Swimmers “grow up” and “grab the brass.”  If you are on such a journey, we hope you will check out these sister swims.  You’ll be glad you did.  Promise.