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NEKOWSA – Swim Fees

Fees for 2016 are as follows:

Kingdom Games Season Pass: $650 (all swims except Memphre, Georgeville, or Swim Week doubling)

All swims (with the exception of Kingdom Swim, In Search of Memphre, Georgeville or Bust, Swim Week Doubles, and Vampire Swim)

Adults:  $100     Students 18 to 23:  $65       Youth 10 to 18: $25     Youth under 10:  $15

Kingdom Swim (Includes Friday Dinner for you and your kayaker, Friday Afternoon Boat Tour for you and your kayaker, Saturday Lunch)

Adults: $150       Students 18 – 23: $85          Youth 10 to 18: $35      Youth under 10: $25  (One Mile Swim is $100 for adults, includes one dinner, one boat tour and one lunch)

Kingdom Swim rates increase on June 1st

Adults to $175 and Students to $110.  Kayaker fees increase by $50 for all swims

Border Buster (at Kingdom Swim)

$300 if you provide your kayaker, $475 if we provide your kayaker,

Georgeville or Bust

$300 if you provide a one person crew,  $400 if we provide your crew.

In Search of Memphre

$1,500 if you provide a two person team.  $2,000 if we supply your escort crew.

Swim Week Doubles

If you opt to double the distance on any of our Swim Week swims, add $50 per day for the fee and $35 if we are supplying your kayaker.

Kayaks Rentals and Escort Kayaker Fees

Kayak rental (delivered to the beach the morning of the swim): $65

Kayaker escorts (including kayaks): $150 for Kingdom Swim, $100 for other swims

All fees paid are non refundable.  With one month notice in advance of a swim, we are willing to apply fees to other swims in 2016 and are willing to roll over 50% of fees toward swims in 2017.  10% discount on all registrations (including season passes) received on or before December 15th.

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