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Reckless Breakfast at The Dandy

Reckless Breakfast is one of our favorite bands.  They have been playing our Dandy Dinner on Friday before the Run since 2011.  On Saturday, they play out on The Run at the Hayward Hollow Relay Station and back at the Beach House for our picnic after the run.

Reckless Breakfast is the product of years of evolution in the Upper Valley Bluegrass scene. Their playful antics, creative arrangements of many different genres (hip hop, rock, pop, folk) into bluegrass and stock of classic flatpicking numbers are sure to delight any listener. Their simple harmonies and boisterous instrumentals appeal to many different audiences, though they are especially popular among the Dartmouth Outing Club crowd.

Nate Hamm, fiddle, Ford Daley, Dobro and Dave Lloyd, guitar, provide virtuosic instrumental leads, while Rory Gawler’s vocals, banjo or mandolin and Duff Cummings’ bass round out the sound. Featuring Laura Jean Binkley on vocals. With Nate, Laura Jean and Ford singing harmony, the tunes will appeal to the most hardened bluegrass fan, and the good-old fashioned string band sound is accessible to all.

Check them out on their Reckless Breakfast Facebook Page