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The Great Skate

Snowplow Clears Lake

We have decided to GO FOR IT this year and have picked a date for The Great Skate.  February 13, 2016 (with an alternate date of February 14th).  It covers 25 miles between Newport, VT and Magog, QC
Here’s a link to our YouTube Video WE LIKE MEMPHREMAGOG ICE which covers our wintertime activities out on the ice of this Great Lake.
I have to admit that pulling those pics out inspired me in this mischief.  I hope you will help spread the word.  Magog will be hosting its Winter Carnival during the weekends of February 6-7 and 13-14.  Not sure what that means, but we’ll keep you posted.
We will also be doing this as an “Anything Goes” event with cross country skis, dog sleds, whatever.  We will plan on leaving from The EastSide Restaurant at 9:00 am and will arrange for a shuttle to transport participants back.  We will have SAG support from my plow truck, Rolling Thunder, which is coming out of the shop today, ready to rumble.  And snowmobile support as well.
For those registering for the Memphremagog Marathon on January 30-31, 2016 and who are Sustaining Members in our Memphremagog Ice Skating Club ($125)  there will be no additional charge.   For those of you who want to do this as a stand alone event, we will be charging $65 US if we receive your registration ON OR BEFORE February 1.  After that the prices will increase by 50%
Prior to December 15th we will accept Canadian dollars at par with US dollars and will discount the cost for US registrants by 20%
On line registration is now open on this site.  When you register you need to include exactly what you are registering for, calculate your fee (and any discount applicable) and pay through our paypal button or send a check to Kingdom Games. PO Box 310, Newport, VT  05855
If the ice does not allow us past Owl’s Head, our plan is to plow a 15 mile trail from Newport around Province Island and back.  In the event that we are forced to cancel the event entirely, for any reason, we will refund all but $10.of your fees.
The snow and ice watch is on!!!
Any questions, just holler.
Phil White, Director
Kingdom Games