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Saturday, June 10th, 2023

Two Routes: 103 Miles and 66 Miles

Mike’s Tiki Bar – 44 Belden Hill Road, East Burke, Vermont  05832

8:30 am Start and Finish with Hands on the Bar
103 Miles of Wide Open Road

Unsanctioned, Timed Event

Essex House, Cross Street, Island Pond, Vermont

9:30 Start

66 Mile Short Course Moose Loop

Brault’s Beef Jerky, Couture’s Maple Syrup, Woodals & Bragging Rights

Hosted by Kingdom Games

with a little help from our friends

We gather at Mike’s Tiki Bar at 8 am with a start at 8:30  am.  We head north up Route 114 through Island Pond to Bloomfield, then up one of the most beautiful and serene stretches of the Connecticut River before heading back through Canaan, Norton and Island Pond and on to East Burke.
The Moose offers miles and miles of wide open riding, on some of the most “car hungry” roads in Vermont.  This is not a sanctioned race.  As a “timed event” you must stop at all stop signs and obey traffic lights.  But, hey, there are only three stop signs in the entire 103 miles of riding.  As for traffic lights – nadda, niente.  And yes, you must yield to oncoming traffic at your left hand turns.  But what’s this?  There are only three of them in all 103 miles.
Join our Team Challenge:  We break into teams of 3 to 10 and take the fastest three times of each team to determine the winner of The Moose Wheel.  It’s a bragging rights thing.  But, there’s also some beef jerky for each member of the team.  Bring your own team or we can match you up with a team at the time of sign in.
Upper Valley Velo and The Moose Wheel
Here’s a link to Saturday’s Long Course Moose
Short Course Moose Loop
For those looking to ride a shorter distance, we start at Essex House in Island Pond at 9:30 am and just do the Moose Loop, Norton, Canaan, Bloomfield loop.  67 miles.
Here’s the link to the Short Course Moose Loop
Totally cool beans to have the support and friendship of the East Burke Tribe.  Burke Mountain got us started with this event.  Kingdom Trails has been a supportive friend since the get go.  And Mike’s Tiki Bar and Burrito Wagon is one fine adventure in and of itself, with 30 beer on tap.
Back again this year are some of our newer friends “at the top of the world,”  Quimby Country in Averill, Vermont and Spoke ‘n’ Word Bike Shop, in Colebrook, New Hampshire, each fielding teams and joining with us as sponsors to promote cycling on this world class stretch of road.  Also back to support The Moose this year are: Untapped and Garuka Bars.
PLEASE NOTE:  We strongly encourage but do NOT require Covid-19 Vaccinations in 2023.



103 Mile Timed Event

  • Prior to January 1, 2022: $75
  • January 1 to May 1, 2022: $85
  • May 1 to June 1, 2021: $95
  • Team of 5 or more, 20% Discount

66 Mile Short Loop

  • Prior to January 1, 2022: $65
  • January 1 to May 1, 2022: $75
  • May 1 to June 1, 2021: $85
  • Team of 5 or more, 20% Discount