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Volunteer Registration

Kingdom Games would not be possible without the support of our hearty, and sometimes irregular, VOLUNTEERS.

Open Water Swimming:  Throughout the Summer:  we are always looking for kayakers to support swimmers doing anywhere from 2-mile, 3-mile, 6-mile, 10-mile, to 15-mile distances.

Winter Swimming:  We cut a two lane, 25 meter pool in the ice at the end of February,  Winter swimmers join us from all over North America and the World.  Each year we need about 35 volunteers to escort them to and from the pool, help them undress and dress before and after their swims, and to walk the pool with “The Hooks” at the ready to pull them if needed.

Running:  We offer three days of running.  We can always use volunteers out on the course, staffing  tables, or driving support out on the courses.

Biking:  We offer two days of biking.  We can always use  volunteers to staff tables and drive support out on the routes.

We pay stipends to help cover expenses and offer T Shirts and meals to our volunteers.

Please check out our Schedule of Events and then let us know when and how you want to volunteer.


Volunteer registration