Dandelion Run

May 21, 2022

Dandelion Run – Just for the Fun of it!

13.1, 6.1, 4. 2 and 1 mile run/walk


What a day!

DANDY 2021 – Report

DANDY 2021 – Times


Hope to see you there


We gather on Saturday morning at the Derby Beach House, 220 4H Road, Derby, VT 05829.  Start time: 9:00 am.   PLEASE NOTE: ALL Participants are  required, to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.  We intend to offer pre-made sandwiches, chips, and water or Gatorade for lunch after the run.  Musicians will be sprinkled throughout the course and back at the Beach House.    On line registration closes on May 1, 2022.  There will be no “walk on” registrations allowed on the day of the race.

We are prepared to be nimble, flexible, and fierce in response to any remaining presence of Covid-19 in our community.



  • Half Marathon Distance: $75
  • 10 K Distance: $55
  • Shorter Distances, 1, 2, and 4 miles: $35
  • Youth 18 and Under (any distance): $10

Register for The Dandy here:

Youth runners/walkers should enter “YOUTH” in the Discount Coupon.



In Memory and in Honor of Terri Weed


YouTube Dandelion Run




Selected as one of the five most scenic running races in Vermont by Vermont Sports Magazine and one of the top 20 events in Vermont’s Summer of 2011 by Yankee Magazine and One of the top 10 running races in Vermont by Best Things Vermont

Check out our 2010 YouTube Slide Show, 

and our tribute, Celebrating the Dandelion – A glorious “free range” flower

In Memory and in Honor of Terri Weed

Underwritten by



Youth runners/walkers should enter “YOUTH” in the Discount Coupon


Course Records:

Half Marathon: 1:19:29 by Christian Vachon. Magog, QC – 2013

10 km: 0:35:48 by Aleksei Bingham, Derby, VT – 2017

Times from recent years: 2016, 2015


27 comments on Dandelion Run

    1. We will start everybody at 9 am, including the 4 milers and the 1 milers. including the runners, the bikers, and the walkers.

  1. Hello Race Director for the Dandelion Run on May 21st 2016,

    My name is John Bean. I am the owner of a small family owned smoothie vending business. We are based out of a small town called Bruceton Mills in WV. I grew up in St. Albans, went to BFA class of 2005. We will be in town visiting my dad after vending smoothies at the cape cod Ragnar Relay race the weekend before and then going to the Moosehead beach state park half marathon on Sunday. I am wondering if you are interested in having us vend smoothies to your participants wile we are in the area. You can check out our web site blenderbean.com. We are partners with Ragnar Relays and The North Face Endurance Challenge Series. We usually only vend for really large races, but will be in the area and liked the fact that you guys do a kids run! We are solar powered so require no power or water. We also make our smoothies from only locally purchased fresh fruit and vegetables and blend them right in front of you. Let us know if you are interested and thank you for your time!

  2. I was curious if the 10k race would permit stroller use. My wife and I would love to come do the run but we’d be bringing the little one along. We have a pretty study running stroller but didn’t know if the course was rocky path or would accommodate a stroller. Thanks.

    1. The first and last mile of the 10 K is asphalt. The rest is a dirt/gravel road (not a narrow trail). Should be fine for a sturdy running stroller.

    1. This year, I will allow three dogs to enter and see how it works out. So, yes for you and two others.

  3. Phil – Any chance you can start the kids fun run at a different time? My daughter wants to run the kids race, but will not be able to do that if the other race distances start at the same time as I plan on running the 10k or half.

    1. This year we are starting everyone together. And everyone will be using the same course, with some turning around at various points along the way. We will have a one mile turnaround, a two mile turnaround and a 5 mile turnaround. How old is your daughter? We will have tons of kids and chaperones out on the course, I’d be happy to see if she can join a team of kids that is supervised. That being said, we often gather up a few youngsters right around 11 or noon to run up the Siskin Road and back. It’s informal, weather dependent, and depends on what else is going on and who’s available to help organize it. If you’d like to be in charge of an 11:30 fun run, I’d be happy to make sure we have woodals for the kids participating.

  4. I’m looking for photos of the 2016 Dandelion Run 5K event. Where can I find them. I know several photos were taken of my daughter and I would like to see them.

      1. I know someone took a picture of us but I don’t see us. Wish I’d taken one that day. Thanks anyway.

    1. The Current Roster is posted on the Dandelion Run web page. It is updated every week to two weeks. You’re on it, Alexandria. Thanks so much for your decision to join us in May, Just for the Fun of it.

  5. Is there a rough schedule for the Dandelion Run? I thought I read there was a gathering at the end? What time is that expected to be? Trying to juggle life :)!

  6. i just wanted to confirm that this race will be held in person as we are not interested in virtual? both myself and daughter are fully vaccinated and are tested frequently anyway for work and army. if this for any chance is cancelled in person can we opt to switch until next year vs. running virtually ?

    1. Hi there. Yes this will be run in person, actual. We have a virtual option, but we will be holding this run for 100 to 150 runners and walkers. We’re busy at it working on the Dandelion Fields and Musicians. And yes, if we were forced to cancel, we would roll you over to 2022.

      Hope to see you SOON.

      Phil White, Director
      Kingdom Games

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